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The compressor can be hired by it self if you have your own air tools or with 1 Hose and a Small, Medium & large Breaker with a chisel & point for each breaker


Tools available

TEX05 Small Compressor Breaker

TEX09PE Medium compressor breaker

T REX Breaker Heavy duty compressor breaker

Air Lance / Blower



They give you a reliable source of compressed air to drive your pneumatic tools, as well as your high free air delivery applications such as sandblasting.

Adjustable / foldable tow bar

Light and efficient towable air compressor

free air delivery-m3 min 2.5 (88)
rated operating pressure 7 (102)
maximum allowable pressure 7 (102)


All Machines are supplied full of fuel and if returned full there is no addition charges All hires are under CPA Model Conditions 2021

Atlas Copco XAS 47 Air Compressor

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