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The Benassi BL301 tiller is perfect for commercial or domestic use.

Designed and manufactured in Italy this tiller is widely used for cultivating previous turned over areas including Vegetable Patches, Allotments, Flower Beds and Borders to name but a few.


The depth of cultivating is determined by setting the depth bar located at the rear to the desired height and it is always recommended that during dry spells where the ground is harder it is best to irrigate the area the night before.


The BL360 comes complete with heavy duty tines and can be extended from a cutting width of 60cm to 80cm by adding the additional set supplied, the end discs supplied retain any soil being cultivated so not to spill over onto the edge of a lawn and keep the soil in the path of the tines to produce a finer tilth.


The handles have the ability to be set to a comfortable working height but also have the ability to be adjustable left or right allowing you to cultivate tight against walls or fences.

Benassi 60cm Cultivator

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