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The SG30 is a compact, yet powerful, Stump Grinder with a large handlebar for comfort, and large pneumatic wheels which provide stability during operation or transportation.

A heavy duty handbrake locks one wheel when operating and allows the user to pivot the cutting disc across the face of the stump.

The main chassis body is made from 6mm mild steel and is reinforced for additional strength. A large cavity beneath the body allows the build up of sawdust away from the wheels and rubber curtains prevent debris from being expelled from the grinding area.

CAMON SG30 Stump Grinder

  • Engine Honda GX390 Petrol Banks
    Working Height 56cm (22") above ground
    Working Depth 33cm (13") below ground
    Teeth 8 Greenteeth®
    Weight 135kg
    Dimensions (L W H) 190cm x 63cm x 126cm
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