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Unleash the Power of Green Waste Management
Harness the power of one of the most potent portable chipper shredders on the market - the Caravaggi BIO 150. With its dual infeed chutes, this machine is designed to chip wood branches and pulverise large bundles of green waste with ease.

Why Choose the BIO 150 Chipper Shredder?
The BIO 150 Chipper Shredder is your ultimate solution for managing large volumes of garden waste. Unlike standard chipping machines, the BIO 150 offers the flexibility to chip or shred, making it ideal for managing a wide variety of green waste. From woody branches to leafy greens, the BIO 150 handles it all effortlessly.

Caravaggi BIO 150 Chipper Shredder

  • Model BIO 150
    Engine Honda GX390
    Fuel Petrol
    Net Power Output 11.7hp / 8.7kW @3600rpm
    Starting Recoil
    Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1L
    Fuel Consumption 3.5L per hour @3600rpm
    Chipping Capacity 7½cm (3")
    Shredding Capacity 1¼cm  (½")
    Chipping Blades 1
    Shredding Blades 36
    Weight 160kg
    Dimensions (L W H) 150cm x 110cm (94cm*) x 150cm
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