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Our 3-Speed Dry and Wet Hand Held Core Drill is the perfect tool for drilling through concrete, brick, and other tough materials. With its full metal housing, it can be used as a hand held drill.

The 3-speed settings allow you to choose the perfect speed for the job, while the wet and dry capabilities make it versatile for any drilling challenge. Its powerful motor ensures efficient drilling, making it a must-have for any construction or renovation project.


Our current Stock of Dry Drill Bit are 62MM / 107MM / 162MM with Effective length of 450mm


Can be used on Brickwork, Limestone, Pumice, Bricks, Poroton,Reinforced Concrete, further abrasive Materials


The drill bit is charged per MM (millimetre) used on top of the cost of the Drill Hire Rate


We can order the following diameter drill bits subject to availability

42MM / 52MM / 62MM / 72MM / 82MM / 92MM / 102MM / 107MM / 112MM / 122MM / 127MM / 132MM / 152MM / 162MM

Core Drill 3-Speed Dry and Wet Hand Held

  • FB33PNT
    Motor Single Phase 230V, 50-60 Hz
    Style Pistol-handle
    Power 2,2 kW(1,5kW)
    Gears 3
    RPM 520/1400/2900 min-1
    Bit-Ø in Concrete (wet) Ø 20-110 mm Hand held
      Ø 20-200 mm Stand mounted
    Drill bit Connection 1¼” UNC + R1/2”
    Water connection Geka-coupling / Gardena
    Ring collar Ø 60 mm
    Weight 6,5 kg (14 lbs)
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