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Petrol Post Vibrator Price per Day £50 2 Days £75 Week (5 Days) £100 Plus vat

Pilot Core Tool Price per Day £5  2 Days £10 Week (5 Days) £15 Plus vat


Easy Petrol Post Driver - the ultimate tool for installing stakes, pegs, and posts on your farm, festival or construction site. With the ability to handle any size post up to 4 inches in diameter, this portable and lightweight tool makes it easy for a single operator to get the job done.


The high impact hammer action beats at 1720 BPM ensuring that posts are driven into the ground quickly and easily on any terrain.


Multi Kit version comes with 3 adapter sizes, with 6 different combinations to choose from. This allows you to easily adapt the post driver to fit your specific needs. Whether you're installing fencing, tree stakes, signage, or something else, this tool is perfect for the job. It's also ideal for use in steep or inaccessible locations, and is physically less demanding than traditional methods.

Don't waste any more time and energy struggling with traditional post installation methods - upgrade to the Easy Petrol Post Driver today!

Easy Petrol Post Driver

  • Portable – No pipes and generators needed
    Lightweight, only 15.3kg
    Ideal for Steep ground and inaccessible locations
    Physically less demanding than traditional methods
    Safe for lone working
    Reduced operator fatigue (compared to manualy knocking the post in)

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