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The Excavator Forks are sometimes known as Excavator Pallet Forks as they’re useful for moving palletised materials and equipment around a site, or lifting off delivery vehicles, especially when there isn’t a telehandler or forklift on site.

Quick and simple to attach, with adjustable pin centres and different pin sizes most 8T – 20T Excavator

‘Floating’ forks allow for easier placement and easier lifting on uneven surfaces.

The forks tines sit as a free standing unit, flat to the ground when unattached from the excavator.


The smallest Excavator Forks have a 1000kg Working Load Limit and can be supplied with 45, 50 or 60mm pins to suit 5 to 9 tonne excavators.


Excavator Forks to fit 8 - 13T Excavator

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