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For years, builders have had no choice but to work with unsafe makeshift methods of Strongboys and RSJ / box section needling for creating open plan living. It’s caused a lot of stress, mess and many sleepless nights (before we even mention the homes that have come crashing down) because it’s never been safe, easy or secure.

The mission of Prop Pal is to allow builders to work professionally and set standards when it comes to domestic structural alterations. Helping quality builders give themselves and the trade a better name with our products is at the core.

Prop Pal products make the job safe, easy and secure – the key elements – for builders to work professionally on domestic and small commercial structural alterations.

No more sleepless nights! Prop Pal provides the professional solution. The only needle support tools in the UK that supports 100% of BOTH the inner and outer leaf walls – vital to maintain structural integrity during structural alterations. Anything less than 100% support of both skins during a knock through and structural integrity is lost (all quality builders should have this knowledge). As an added bonus, Prop Pal makes the job a whole lot easier.



Prop Pal Needle System

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