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Our radial sweepers are ideal year-round machines that remove a wide variety of soiling depending on the season. The special brush angle ensures thoroughly swept edges and clean results even on uneven surfaces.

The all-rounder is also suitable for moving heavy forage masses. Angled surfaces and mossy areas.


Available head

Astro Turf Power Brush Head

For use on 3G Football / Rugby Pitches • Sand Based/Dressed Astro Turf (MUGA's) • Water Based Astro Turf Pitches •


Synthetic Astro

Wire Brush Head

For use on Moss • light weeds • sweeping and snow


Clearance Poly Brush Head

For use on Sweeping, snow clearance, animal feed, and animal bedding


The widened wheel support is especially suitable for tennis court and sports facility maintenance.

Powerful all-rounder.

angled areas are swept out quickly

Designed for large-volume sweepings

also suitable for moving heavy forage masses

environmentally friendly moss control without chemicals


The brushes are charged per MM (millimetre) used on top of the cost of the Sweeper Hire Rate

Radial sweeper

  • Brush

    Polypropylen Brush

    Polypropylen wire mixed trim

    wire brush

    Working width     870 mm
    Rotation direction of brush     left/right
    Weight     approx. 83 kg
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