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The Active AC 300 Turf Cutter made in Italy is not only Compact and Robust but also includes many features and benefits making this a very desirable machine for stripping and lifting turf from domestic gardens and open areas.


This Turf Cutter features a Honda GX200 professional series engine, Detachable handles for transport and a simple drive system of 2 forward gears, the 1st gear is for when the blade is engaged into the ground to allow it to drive at a speed best suited for cutting the turf up to 35mm deep, the 2nd gear is for transporting the machine to the desired location of use.


Set the blade to the desired depth of cut and engage the oscillating blade, select 1st gear and let the turf cutter do the work. Once you have come to the end of the first cut simply turn the machine around, line up the outside of the front wheel with the edge of the first cut and continue.


Top Tip: Before using the turf cutter irrigate the lawn the night before making the soil wet, this makes it easier for the blade to cut through the turf allowing you to roll the turf up in to manageable sizes. It also recommended that you cut the grass as short as possible before stripping the turf.


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